Web Standards and Accessibility

This week I had to revisit my portfolio website, making sure it was accessible for everyone and having to make a tweak or two. Here it is:

My Portfolio

I first notices many of my images didn’t have Alt Text. I also realized I didn’t have a “back home” button. Otherwise, my website is very simple and visual, so anyone who’s hearing impaired could navigate through it without a problem. If they have sight problems, every image has now Alt Text, and the only chunk of text isn’t very large. The only problem I saw was with the video, but I decided not to make it “autoplay”, since the majority of my audience would find it annoying.

Here are the significant changes made:

  1. Added Alt Text to all my images, photos, and my logo, not only to make it more accessible, but for SEO purposes as well.
  2. Added a “Go Back Home” Button.
  3. Added another section to my portfolio, “My Articles”, including a few articles I’ve done for the newspaper, with a link to their website.
  4. Enhanced a few button and made a few changes to the fonts, to keep consistency.
  5. Edited My Gallery a little bit.

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