Copyright Registration

Hello everyone, in this post I’m going to show you how easy it is to protect your work by copyrighting it. First, you have to go to, sign in or create your own account, and once you’ve done that, go to “Register a new claim”. You have to simply follow the instructions, like shown […]

TransMedia Storytelling

In this post I finally share my brand story that I had written in my Portfolio V class, and even if it’s a bit long, I really feel it represents me. I hope you enjoy it. This story can be also found on┬áMy Portfolio Site My Brand Story There are many things that are unique […]

Web Standards and Accessibility

This week I had to revisit my portfolio website, making sure it was accessible for everyone and having to make a tweak or two. Here it is: My Portfolio I first notices many of my images didn’t have Alt Text. I also realized I didn’t have a “back home” button. Otherwise, my website is very […]