RISE Self-Evaluation

This month I worked on my web design class, a course I had been looking forward to for a while. Since I had Editing for the Web months ago, I wanted to learn more about the creation and design of websites, so when this class started I made a commitment to learn what I could and do my best version of a website I could offer. First for my non-profit organization website, I chose to go with Casa de Mexico, a local organization that I know, which was in need of a more complete website. I chose this organization because if I did a good job they could actually use it.

Based on feedback from my peers and instructor, my website worked just fine, it featured some great images and good design, and had a lot more information than the original one, which was its purpose. I was told I just had to change a few things, for example, making sure the text was easier to see, or to mind the amount of colors and boxes I used. I think it’s a good example that I can leave to the organization, after a few tweaks, so it fulfills another purpose beyond a school assignment.

Next, I had to work on an Event Website. I know I had to keep it simple, but I wanted to take advantage of my time and make it a portfolio piece. I decided to go with the greatest festival of all time, Woodstock, and I really enjoyed making this website, and I felt along the way that I was getting good at it, taking less time to complete it. A year ago, I’d never thought I could make a website, less alone get paid for it, but now is another skill I can add to my resumé, though I still have to keep on working. I want to learn how to make more types of websites, like an online store or a news feed. Also, I still have to learn how to sell actual tickets.

The class was filled with coding, and even though I’m interested, I feel like I could work without more knowledge on the subject. It’s not easy, and it might seem overwhelming, but the videos I saw and the classes helped me at least understand the way it works and the differences between HTML and CSS.

I have many ideas (and petitions) for my next websites, so I’ll keep on working on improving my skills and taking less time for completing a website. I learned a lot in this month about the aesthetics of a website, by also taking a peek into other successful websites, and just like everything else, the more you practice, the better you get at it.

I would suggest anyone reading this to stick to what you know for a case like this. Obviously, with more time to spare you can afford to learn a new CMS or even a bit of coding, but since I had already worked with Wix before, and nothing else, I decided to not complicate myself and go ahead with it. That way, I don’t spend too much time on the learning curve by entering another CMS, like it happened to one of my peers, but spend it on figuring out the CMS I know and discover new features.


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