Non-Profit Site Revision

This was a quick revision on my non-profit organization website, based on the feedback provided by my instructor and peers. Link: Casa de Mexico Site Before: After: It was a matter of a few tweaks, but the most important changes I made to the website are shown above. The about page needed to be much clearer […]

RISE Self-Evaluation

This month I worked on my web design class, a course I had been looking forward to for a while. Since I had Editing for the Web months ago, I wanted to learn more about the creation and design of websites, so when this class started I made a commitment to learn what I could […]

Ranking The Beatles’ Albums

They are the Fantastic Four. They are the greatest band of all time. They were only together for less than 10 years, but during that time they revolutionized music and shook the world, and their legacy will live on forever. Here’s a recompilation of all their original 13 albums, from the least good to the […]

RISE Peer Feedback

This activity was about making a recording of me giving feedback to my peer Sangi with her Event Site in which she worked. Sangi Zúñiga’s SMR Festival Site Feedback:

Event Site 2.0

This time, the website is about a music festival, the most famous music festival of all time: Woodstock. PART I PROPOSAL The whole idea is that it had to be simple. Still, it had to be complete. The idea was to create a site that had around two pages, but that had enough information about […]

Design and Commerce

This was a very illustrative activity, for which I watched a couple of Lynda courses there certainly quite interesting to help me with my career, one related to writing and storytelling, the other one about the principles of design. Certificate: *Note: the course “Universal Principles of Design” didn’t have a certificate, since it’s in constant […]