Fictitious Project Revision

This is the final version of the Reel Deal Tacos website, the first one I’ve ever created. I applied a lot of the feedback provided by my peers and instructors, and I hope it’s good enough. Reel Deal Tacos Website

Diigo Exploration

This is a quick review of one of the tools I could be using for my portfolio website, it’s called Diigo and it contains posts curated by MCBS students / faculty. 1) Why the contact page always goes last This particular article is actually very useful and timely because of the assignments that I’ve been […]

Site Launch

This is my final launching of the Reel Deal Tacos website, the first one I’ve ever done and hopefully not the last one. Below, the rationale behind it. Reel Deal Tacos Website Were you able to meet all the provisions outlined in your proposal? Pretty much, I know I tried to do too much when […]

Content Management Systems (CMS)

This assignment was meant for me to get acquainted with the CMS I’m going to be using for the Reel Deal Tacos website, due this sunday. Below it’s the very first draft version and the rationale behind it. Reel Deal Tacos first draft   Why did you choose that particular platform? Because, out of the […]

Writing for the Web

This is an example of some of the content that the Reel Deal Tacos web site can have. Also, my certificate of completion for the videos. Blog Post Introducing: Reel Deal Tacos! Your best choice in San Diego for authentic, local food! Visit for more information on our menu, locations and more! or […]