Week 4 Synthesis: Curating Through MCBS

Curation Before Creation

Not All Digital Media Assets Are Equal

I think it’s an interesting theory that much of us hadn’t thought about. The way the “big data” today is transforming everything, but we still haven’t organized all our media. Just the opposite, the fact that we can save everything we want just because we still have memory space, doesn’t mean we should do it, as they say.

Personally, it reminded me of the time we had analogic disposable cameras, the ones that you could only take 20 shots. When I was a kid, my father gave me one, and I tried my best to make the most of every photo. When it was over, going to reveal them was the sweetest feeling, and they meant much more then than the 3,000+ I have now in my phone.

I’m definitely going to keep curating the assets I find valuable for me. It certainly provides a pro-look to my projects and it’s an easy way to collect the things I find interesting. It’s also a good way to show everyone my interests and personal data.

This month I’ve learned that curating can be anything you want it to be. The symbaloo web mix starts with the usual social networks, which is like a form of presentation. But then, during this month’s assignments, I’ve learned to curate blogs, videos, articles and more assets that are worth keeping. In the end, it communicates who you are and what you are interested in.

This experience has been another way that this University has shown me the way the world of media works and what everyone’s using. Just as Romney Whitehead’s theory, I’m going to try apply curating more often, specially when it comes to taking pictures. Paraphrasing her, it’s more worth it to have 100 truly valuable photographs than thousands of them. It means both to take the necessary only and to pay more attention to what one’s photographing.

As the authors said, quality beats quantity, because it looks better and more professional, it’s easier to manage and keep, and it speaks for yourself, to be a quality-searching person.

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