WK1 Exploration: Start A Blog & Tell A Story

Before I started the MCBS Program I lived in Mexico for my whole live, always passionate for both sports and movies. I had always thought I wanted to be either a soccer player or a film director. But then, I discovered advertising, and I loved it. I saw a great opportunity in it, and I started investing some time researching good ads. Some relatives of mine (even my father) had worked in advertising agencies before, so it wasn’t a crazy idea. On the contrary, a lot of people in my family and friends supported me on my dream.  Because of that I rolled into an Advertising career at Centro de Estudios en Ciencias de la Comunicacion at Mexico City. It was great and I learned a lot. But then, my father got a job opportunity in Orlando, because of that had to pause my career after three semesters for a while and move to another country. I was bored for a few months because I didn’t know what to do. Until someone recommended me Full Sail, and I went there for a tour. I researched more about it and asked elsewhere for information and I liked the way it fits my original career path, and all within 20 months. Because of that, I enrolled on October, 2015. Finally I’m  going to finish my career and in one of the best universities I could find. Since then, I decided to pursue my passion for media in Florida and to open my possibilities not only for advertising, but for all jobs media-related.


One thought on “WK1 Exploration: Start A Blog & Tell A Story

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