Week 4 Synthesis: Curating Through MCBS

Curation Before Creation Not All Digital Media Assets Are Equal I think it’s an interesting theory that much of us hadn’t thought about. The way the “big data” today is transforming everything, but we still haven’t organized all our media. Just the opposite, the fact that we can save everything we want just because we […]

Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Feedback

Christiana Swain’s Video First of all, I think Christiana got confused because this task was supposed to be narrated by ourselves, and she just put background music and let the text tell the story. Anyway, it didn’t change her story, which was entertaining. I thought it was a little quick because sometimes it didn’t let […]

Week 3 Analysis: Businesses & Audiovisual Media

The Full Sail video tries to recruit more students by showing them a benefit: the Launch Box. It talks about all the perks that studying at Full Sail has and how important an Apple MacBook is in that process. The story here is how different it is to take a career without the advantages of […]

Week 2 Analysis: Brands & The Human Connection

Dove Commercial Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches commercial is targeted to women, between 30 and 50, commonly married, housewives, medium-high socio-echonomic level, that are starting to “lose” their beauty and youngness and are not as sure of themselves or confident as they once were. This is very much the same target as Dove. Women often, mostly unconsciously, think […]