This is me. This is where I show myself to the world. Facebook is only for friends and 140 characters on Twitter are just not enough. My pics on Instagram don’t say everything and well, snapchat only lasts 24 hours. So this is where I post my mind and everything I want to say, and where I can express, inform, communicate, interact, learn and make the world visualize what’s inside my head.

I’m Mexican, so you’ll eventually find posts on spanish as well. Don’t worry, I have a translator feature that will help you.

In this blog, you’ll find many different categories for many interests: in “me as a sports journalist” I provide all my knowledge on a variety of sports such as soccer, football or baseball, which are just for everyone to analyze or comment. In “me as a movie reviewer” I share my points of view on the many (many) different movies I’ve seen as a film lover, and that is also up for debating. In “me as a media communications student”, I ¬†talk about stuff that is related to my career, whether I learn in on school (Full Sail University) or anywhere else, you’ll find out more on subjects like marketing, advertising, communications and media, and a good feedback is always welcome. And for those who want to be amazed, I write some nonsense stuff that has a category of its own. Some people tell me that I should follow the path my great-uncle did, which was as a poet. In the “me as a writer” category you’ll find what I’ve done and you’ll be the judge of that.

In the end, I’m just figuring out myself (just like anyone age 22). This sums up everything I know, and all I want is to interact with the world and see another people’s point of view, as well as finding out what other people think of mine.

Welcome, this is my mind.


P.S. I encourage everyone to give honest feedback, it’s the best way for me to improve.


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